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Sports, culinary traditions, entertainment and nature

The Ladin community, of millennial tradition, is spread throughout the Val Badia (Badia valley) in the five small towns located on the foothills of the wonderful Dolomite rocks, the perfect frame to a fairytale landscape.

The incredulous spectator will be dazzled by the surrounding wild nature, by the endless green fields, by the padded atmosphere that protects these places from the stress of frantic life, and more still amazed in rediscovering the hospitality of the people as well as the many services offered to tourists. To provide but one example, the 700 km of the Sellaronda skiing piste, the largest European skiing resort, with state of the art ski lifting technology and alpine refuges which serve not only the tired skier but which also act as meeting places for sportsmen and women at the end of the day. A place where to relax and have fun, dance and maybe taste some of the excellent wine produced that year.


Gastronomic culture

The gastronomic and oenological cultures are in fact among the other attractions the valley can offer tourists: from Pedrace, where a traditional Ladin farmstead hosts a country-style farmhouse restaurant specialising in Ladin’s cuisine, to Corvara where one of the most important Italian reserves of Sassicaia can be found, to San Cassiano boasting three Michelin food guide prized restaurants, the valley is an international ambassador of Taste.

The international nature of the area is manifested in all aspects of tourism, a character which the Ladin population translates to a single word: hospitality. Making your culture and your identity known to those people who come and spend their holidays in these places, so that as guests, they may learn to love and respect the rhythm of life and tradition.

So, if sport, traditional cuisine and fun make Alta Badia one of the most sought after and prestigious holiday destinations throughout the world, its uniqueness lays in the ability to be “international” without losing its peculiar personal character, its own identity of small town immersed in stillness, and above all without forgetting that the main character in this tale is always nature, with its rocky mountains which turn pink at sunset, with its flourishing woods and its unique landscapes.


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