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Nature, art and history

Going back along the course of the Maè creek, one of river Piave’s affluents, you reach a valley completely dominated by the magnificent Mount Pelmo. You are now in Val Zoldana, a valley that surrounds the Civetta territory almost as if to embrace it. This is the largest skiing resort in the Veneto region and boasts 80 km of piste, an attraction which has in part contributed to the success of this valley.

And two small towns, Zoldo Alto and Forno di Zoldo, which in the past few years have been able to disclose and bring out the beauty in this corner of the world too long forgotten, with controlled and intelligent tourism in full respect of these still uncontaminated mountains. It is also thanks to this that Val Zoldana was recently awarded the “5 star” recognition from Legambiente (Italian Environmental Protection League) as the best mountain area in Italy to provide the correct environmental management to a naturally marvellous landscape.


A valley that is growing, providing evermore services to tourists, such as for example offering night skiing in the piste of Pecol or by improving already existing walking tracks, Anello Zoldano to mention but one, a track which joins and reaches all mountain refuges in the Zoldana valley. Although Val Zoldana can be considered a “young” valley especially with regard to the relationship with tourism, on the other hand it is also characterised by strong historical roots.

These places acquired great importance during the domination of the Serenissima, and became a place of resources for Venice, where to find wood to build ships and mines, supplying metals for the Republic. Contemporary influence is especially evident in the artistic traces left in the churches of Zoldo, such as for example that of Fusine, where, in the chiesa Arcipretale di San Nicolò (1570) we find a polychrome crucifix attributable to the shop of Andrea Brustolon (1662- 1732), or on the facade of many buildings in the area which are witness to the manifest influence of the Venetian style. There is nothing left to do but rediscover this valley, protected and hidden by its mountains, a tiny jewel of nature, art and history to be disclosed.


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