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Miami is a city of around 404,000 inhabitants (5.4 million in the metropolitan area) in the United States and the capital of Miami-Dade County on the south-east coast of the state of Florida. Its urban area lies between the Miami River, Biscayne Bay, the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. Considering only the number of inhabitants within its administrative boundaries, it is Florida’s second largest city, but the urban area as a whole is by far the most highly populated in the state. Miami’s population explosion in recent years has been due to immigration, both from abroad and from other cities in the US. Various ethnic groups can be found in Miami and the large Latin American and Caribbean communities of Spanish and Creole language have a strong influence. The importance of the region as an international financial and cultural centre has elevated Miami to World City status.




Miami, Aventura

It is a district located to the north-east of the city of Miami. Its name obviously comes from the Spanish, and was given by a condominium developer, who turned to his companions and said, “If anyone wants adventure, this is the place”. The district is highly residential, close to the centre of Miami, accessible by car, and offers incredible and unique places and views.

Miami, Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour is a small neighbourhood located in the north of that strip of island commonly known as Miami Beach. It is not very large, extending along Collins Avenue, but it is incredibly unique. Its “entrance” will surprise you due to the large traffic island of palm trees and manicured gardens, with luxury apartment buildings in the most incredible and unique shapes to your right and your left. Its proximity both to the sea and to Miami Beach makes it a perfect place to live.

Miami, Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is simply the business centre of the whole of Miami: it is Miami’s financial district. Naturally, it has many office buildings and the main attractions are divided between this area and the island, which includes Miami Beach. During the day it is busy with people working, and at night it is enlivened by local residents, who mainly gather at Segafredo, a venue located in the centre of this area. Well-kept green spaces, palm trees and uniquely beautiful buildings are the main features of this area, which is directly connected with Miami Beach by a causeway over the ocean, offering a very picturesque drive.

Miami, Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is an island located to the south of Miami Beach, linked to Miami by the Rickenbacker Causeway, originally built in 1947. It is usually the first area to be evacuated before an oncoming hurricane, but the fact of being an island makes it unique in terms of views and beaches that can only be found in this zone.

Miami, Miami Beach

Miami Beach is simply the jewel of this city. It is located on an island off the coast of Downtown Miami and extends along two very famous streets, Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive. The manicured gardens, palm trees and nightlife along Ocean Drive itself, and the famous beautiful beaches are the main attractions of this part of Miami, as in all of Miami. Miami Beach and nearby Downtown Miami, connected by an incredible causeway, are the areas that most attract people to move to this city.

Miami, South Miami

South Miami is a very large area, offering various different views. It has a rich diversity of ethnic groups, with Cubans being the most numerous, and is a highly residential district.

Miami, South Isles Beach

Sunny Isles is located to the north of Miami and is the city’s main cultural centre. It is also known as “Little Moscow” because of the large number of Russians in the area. The area is undergoing incredible development, and Donald Trump has even invested in the construction of apartment buildings here. It is the location of the most exclusive hotels and apartment buildings, earning it the nickname “Millionaires Row”. Despite it being in the north of the city, it is a very central area, just a few minutes from Bal Harbour, as well as from Miami Beach.

Miami, Surfside

Surfside is a beautiful area of ??Miami located between Bal Harbour and Miami Beach, therefore very central. It is characterized by the neatness of its gardens, its closeness to the sea and its proximity to the best areas of Miami, including Downtown Miami. It is an excellent area in every sense due to its convenience, the availability of shops and all you could need, and its unique and unforgettable panorama.

Miami, West Miami

West Miami is an area close to the international airport area, but distant and awkward to reach from the actual city centre.

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